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100% Electric Hydrant Dispenser


Our commitment in the care for the environment led JM Enterprise to the creation of the first fully electric hydrant dispenser.

Designed and manufactured for refuelling operations within airport areas equipped with a hydrant network, suitable for operating at temperatures from -40° to +60° C.

Refuelling unit with flow rate from 100 to 4000 lpm.

Hydraulically elevating platform, suitable to refuel any type of aircraft.

Designed, manufactured and tested according to the requirements and in conformity with national and international standards. In particular, the electrical system is in compliance with ATEX regulations.

LiFePO4 battery module with integrated high efficiency BMS (Battery management system).

Vehicle control unit (safety controller) to manage full electric vehicles, it can provide power and torque coordination, operation strategies, high-low voltage coordination, charging control, monitoring and diagnostics.

Compliant with CCS Combo 2 DC fast charging mode 4 recharges from 20% to 80% of the nominal capacity in about 2 hours.

Designed to guarantee 8 to 12 hours of continuous work without recharging.

Air-conditioned, two-seater cabin.

Speed limiter at 30 km/h for moving within the airport area.

Optimal arrangement of the batteries under the chassis, to ensure correct weight distribution and easy maintenance.

Optional secondary electric heater to operate in particularly cold environmental conditions (-40°C).

Electronic components placed in an armored compartment to ensure maximum protection.


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